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INTRODUCING: From The Internationally Acclaimed Intimacy Behaviorist Gwyneth Montenegro

There is NOTHING in the world quite like this and it has EVERYONE talking!
When back in 2014 the globally acclaimed Intimacy Behaviorist Gwyneth Montenegro bravely revealed her secret past life, the world was aghast. Media across almost every country in the world relayed the story of a young country girl who was drugged, taken away and viciously gang raped

They marveled at how her life spiraled out of control, how she drifted into the sex trade and an astonishing 10,091 encounters later emerged with educated insights that would change the lives of women the world over.  Overnight she was to become a household name. A pioneer in the field of Intimacy Behaviorism sought out by the influential and the famous the world over. 
Within the pages of THE SECRET TABOO - THE ULTIMATE INSIDER'S GUIDE TO BEING A FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ESCORT, the Australian born personality has raised eyebrows once again. 

"If you're going to do it, do it right, then get out..."

In an underground trade that is notorious for how it attracts young girls, chews them up and spits them out, broken, broke and disillusioned, Gwyneth has controversially penned a STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO SURVIVE AND MAKE AMAZING MONEY AS AN ESCORT.

She spilled the beans! It's literally a HOW TO GUIDE that shares every tip she honed after 15 years. She shares from an insiders perspective what day-to-day life as an escort is like. She shares what it takes to be massively successful in an trade that operates in the underbelly of society.

"Every Unspoken Secret Known Only To The Elite,
every Tantalizing Technique That Will Drive Him Wild"

THE SECRET TABOO - THE ULTIMATE INSIDER'S GUIDE TO BEING A FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL ESCORT is not a book. It's a guide, a letter between friends that shares the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything from those mind blowing orgasms to dealing with isolation, rejection and loneliness.

From the physical to the practical, from the financial to the emotional, the world renowned Intimacy Behaviorist, Gwyneth Montenegro addresses it all, in a way only she can. 

The title is written specifically for someone wishing to be an escort or someone who's new to the trade. Having said that, even a seasoned worker will find things within the pages she may not have pondered. 

Whether you are doing it, contemplating doing it, or simply mega curious as to what goes on behind closed doors, you'll find this title to be illuminating, revealing and eye opening.

P.S. :  Since, it's release this title has generated a wave of controversy, and rightfully so. It's a sensitive subject that needs to be addressed in a responsible and educated manner.  Having said that, the topic of making money from the act of sex evokes strong emotion amongst society and even Gwyneth herself admits it's likely a matter of time before she withdraws it from her catalogue of titles. Be sure to snap up your copy while you still can!  


       In the interest of transparency. Since the recent release of this title we've had a bit of an uproar from elements of society claiming that sharing such information is irrisponsible. With this in mind Gwyneth Montenegro decided to pen the press release below.


Statement of response by
Gwyneth Montenegro.

Why I decided to reveal all.

I accept it’s a controversial decision that will not sit well with all, however it’s a decision I did not take likely. It’s a decision that took months and included feedback from co-workers, friends and clients before I committed to the project.

This is why I chose to spill the beans, to tell it all. 

Not to write some seedy ‘tell all’ tale of past sexual encounters. That’s been done to death, and to be honest, I find the practice rather tacky. To betray the client-provider trust for a few extra dollars …nah that’s just not me. I like to think I have more substance. 

But I did choose to reveal everything in a different way. Controversially I opted to teach young ladies how to survive as an escort. Ok, to not only survive but to show her every tip and every trick needed to earn impressive amounts of money within the industry …and get out. 

I opted to reveal everything I did, from startup, to operating at the highest end of the industry. I decided to write a ‘How To’ that will arm any current escort or someone considering being an escort to survive and flourish. All in explicit step by step detail. 

Why? Well in my line of work I am approached by practicing escorts almost weekly and the trend is alarming. More and more reveal that they are disheartened, bitter, broken and financially struggling. They are desperate.

They are taking unnecessary risks. They are making unwise choices. And the industry is doing what it’s famous for; chewing them up and spitting them out. 

Now girls don’t go to their career guidance representative and declare, “When I grow up I want to sell my body for sex.” Typically it’s a choice made for a deeper, more personal reason. Often the decision is financially motivated or the result of something traumatic happening in their life. Either way we are dealing with human beings, trying to make their life work. 

How could I sit back and stay quiet, when I know how it’s done? With my much talked about 10,091 encounters behind me I don’t need the knowledge any more, so I passed it on. 

I sat down and wrote “The Secret Taboo – The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Being a Financially Successful Escort”. 

Wow, has it got people talking! Some are saying that it’s a generous thing to do, others are saying (with a few expletives) that it’s irresponsible to provide someone with the tools to flourish in the sex trade. 

My opinion? If a woman is in a circumstance where she is contemplating sex work, treat her as the adult she is, give her the best knowledge possible. Reveal to her how to do the job safely, responsibly and with prosperity. Then get out and enjoy life again. 


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